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November 2015

IxCFO in association with Yes Bank and Printer Industry powered "Knowledge Series - 2015" giving valuable insight about relevant of business & finance integration and CFO Services provider significance.IxCFO was knowledge partner for the event with Yes Bank supporting us in this programme.

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October 2015

IxCFO Partnered with VCCircle Agri & Food Investment Summit @ Mumbai, October 2015 & interacted with SME/Entrepreneurship on relevance of CFO Services for growing businesses.

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August 2015

Outsourcing CFO/Financial Controller is a much better way to getting traditional as well strategic role. IxCFO writes column in IxCFO Coverage by

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July 10th 2015

Coverage on IxCFO ( CFO Services ) by Times of India : CFOs, the unsung heroes /business/india-business/Freelance-CFOs-the-unsung-startup-heroes/articleshow/48010936.cms

E-commerce companies tend to rely on current revenue run rate or cash burn rates for their projections. The outsourced CFO plays a crucial role in its monitoring. "Loose controls or missing transparency across investors-promoters are larger issues which the CFO has to focus on, especially in growth or hyper-growth cycles," points out Sanjay Gaggar, founder and CEO, ixCFO. For a client in the e-commerce space, which was funded by private equity (PE), ixCFO's team kept tabs on financial parameters and helped control cash burn in a highly dynamic competitive growth stage environment. In addition, they also developed a reporting & compliance matrix to explain business scale viewpoint, a key performance indictor ( KPI's ) to the PE investor. Accounts were also kept in a due diligence-ready mode and the client subsequently raised $100 million from a global VC fund in no time.

Freelance-CFOs- the unsung-startup-heroes-The-Times-of-India

June 2015

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IxCFO in Association with Bombay Chamber of Commerce organised session on above subject matter. Programme was well attended by Bankers, SME Business Owners and Finance Professionals. SanjayGaggar/r-u-growth-readyver-2015 upcoming-event-award?id=167 status/614034553007644672/photo/1

All participants got the key takeaways on importance of MIS Analytics, Drawing up growth strategy with optimal mix of debt/equity, identifying non-core and core areas drawing up scale and Also importance of financing right with various options as presented by SBI, Zonal Head.

March 2015

Supporting Partner for Apex 15, SME-Investors conference at Mumbai apex15.htm #Art_of_Attracting_(First_ Round)_Investment

March 2015

Developing sound financial MSME Eco-system : RBI - CAFRAL programme & IxCFO Participation
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Please see our blog based on RBI - CAFRAL programme.
( Attached : In picture RBI Governor interacting with us during sideline of Programme )
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March 2015

Supporting Partner for Apex 15, SME-Investors conference at Mumbai