Careers at ixCFO

A good decision is based on knowledge and not on numbers – Plato

Joining ixCFO : Associate Partnership Programme :

ixCFO is a strong Financial Controller/CFO level team that provides an innovative and well-marketed platform for distinctive CFO and Financial Controller services.  Entrepreneurial-minded, FC/CFOs who join our Firm benefit from a team with shared values and common commitment to excellence in client service.

We firmly believe that scale is multiplicative in terms of marketing, brand, mind-share/awareness, the breadth and depth of skills the firm can bring to bear and the efficient utilization of Network/In-house resources.  Clearly the whole is much more than the sum of the parts.

Successful sole-practitioners joining ixCFO platform can leverage several key advantages:

  • Be a part of a winning team WITH ethically, intellectually, professionally, economically more rewarding at a fundamental level, and more fun, more Enrichment as well;

  • Leverage shared operating structure: Knowledge management across various sectors on FC/CFO Services with clear differentiated modularity level  structured but customizable engagement, financial intermediary compliance for higher level of success fee based M&A and capital raise transactions; personnel background checks/alertS; office sales/marketing supplies;  website/email/hosting, and (most significantly) marketing WITH UNIQUE BRANDING ;

  • Profit from opportunities that you either could not win alone or could not complete alone or both due to aggregation benefit in terms of rich network across businesses

  • Have organizational weight and scale needed to efficiently and effectively market  services (e.g. ixCFO website, conference booth/sponsorships, press releases,  email News  Letter Bulletin out to more than 10,000+ people across clients/Linkedin, google search, paid search, panel participations, referral program, trade advertising – we are steadily increasing marketing and brand-building on all fronts );

  • Have organizational resources and scale needed to deploy and leverage Network Partners which improves your work, lowers cost for clients, means less grudge work that you don’t want to do;

  • Build a practice within a Firm with a highly respected, significant market presence long-term which is growing 70-80% per annum in last 5 years despite tough market;

  • Potentially participate in equity value long term if awarded Partnership via clearly defined ESOP Structure ;

Fundamentally, FC/CFOs have uniformly experienced greater earnings potential on board with our Firm than during their prior experience as sole practitioners with high level of intellectual enriching CFO/FC practice in engagement.

We also believe that the key to accretion is: (1) bringing on truly exceptional people with shared values, (2) simultaneously adding new clients and successful engagements, and (3) offering premium economic rewards tied to individual contributions in building a great Firm.

In summary, our professionals are at ixCFO because they’re realizing, “It’s a place to enrich, I’m better than I used to be, and I’m growing every day – making a huge difference in helping entrepreneurial SME companies succeed.”

Are you interested to be part of our dynamic, multi-skilled CFO’s? If you are a finance professional with 10 years plus of industry experience (preferably in a controller/CFO role) then please send in your CV to