• Profitability

    How do we scale up revenue, optimise cost and leverage banace sheet with right debt / equity structure?
  • Performance

    How do we monitor operations, finace & marketing at periodical interval with right MIS for corrective action by deploying best of IT automation tools?
  • Growth

    In a given financial & economic condition, how do we bring the best of return to all business stakeholders?
  • Strategy

    Is business being ready with strategy to grow inoragnically or with organic ways based on current finance & business integration?

Fx =Financal Health (x) management & Business support

  • Creating robust management accounting system to capture the business results, by accessing intelligent data & creating business finance report based on development of sound decision support system

  • Managing cash conversion cycle & banking functions with strong linkages to financial supply chain

  • Capturing inherent risk & mitigating risk factors in operating business plan of the business with laying processes on regular annual budget & periodical rolling outlook and its alignment with long term business & financial strategy.

  • Internal audit, tax & legal compliance management by laying emphasis on good governance practices Maintaining key relationships with external stakeholders like Investor, Banker, JV Partner, Customers etc.

Dashboard MIS How it reports KPI based decision support system
Balance Sheet Leveraging How it drive optimal Debt : Equity structure
Performance Budget How it rolls into continuous updated outlook
Checkers Internal Audit How it plug leakages to improve benchmark ratios
Sound Governance How it unify in regulating Compliances
CFO Measuring Fx =
Cash Conversion Cycle ( CCC )

CFO Services