About ixCFO

We integrate business & finance in line with "Change Management" practices

ixCFO provide high impact outsourcing CFO/FC ( Chief Finance Officer/Financial Controller) services

  • One of the key stakeholder while navigating growth & tracking financial health

  • Create value driven approach to finance function with best of management practices

  • Leveraging comprehensive tools, unique proprietary engagement CFO Services practice with measurable impact

  • Setting high level of professionalism with rich domain expertise, unmatchable network & vibrant eco-system around knowledge management

We provide different variants of CFO Services to meet the requirement of every business curve and assist in navigating orderly controls while driving growth & profitability on sustainable basis :

  • Outsourcing CFO/Controller to SME/Start-ups on shared/virtual mode with an objective to organise finance function due to cost/intensity of engagement constraints

  • Offering called " CFO STOP" which is solution to existing CFO's Office

  • End to end - Complete Finance Outsourcing to manage the cost of finance function

  • Strategic offerings to business for Organic/Inorganic growth

We are serving business owners under different segments like family set-ups, technocrats/professionals, PE/VC funds portfolio Companies and mid-size corporates on traditional CFO role & specialised assignment with defined services vertical namely –Tx (Transactions Assurance - Processes, Controls, Compliance & Automation ), Fx ( Financial Health Management & Business Support ) and Ix ( Inorganic & Organic growth execution services). We run an unique proactive engagement to align the deliverables in line with business requirement.

We also have extensive network of specialised advisors working under our guidance while providing CFO services and assist us in business & finance integration engagement per standard and customised solutions that defined quantifiable measurable matrix across our deliverables. We are amongst the leading pack of organised CFO services provider in the country with presence across Cities in India with best of experience trained finance professionals of high calibre. We stick to our logo of integrating best of management practices with excellence (Ix) and Integrity at its core.