Our Most Effective Tools

The circulation of confidence is better than the circulation of money. — James Madison
  • Our Engagement Model
  • We Preach & Practice
  • Implementation Framework
  • IXCFO Differentiator

Our competent CFOs/Controller Partners manage multiple SME business owners under agreed virtual and shared CFO services mandate with high level of multi-faceted professional competencies and standards. While Virtual CFO is more about serving clients off-site via telecommunication technology, shared CFO is largely on-site presence at our clients' offices. We have also chalked out unique proprietary engagement model keeping in mind traditional and strategic role of CFOs.

  • TX = Transaction Assurance & Controls
  • FX = Financial Health Management & Business support
  • IX = Inorganic & Organic Growth Xecution

We deploy unique execution methodology in our engagement framework by blending skilled People, Processes, Powering technology with our superior network & knowledge management practices bringing measurable impact.

Core of i

  • Integrity
  • Intelligence
  • Innovation

Applying Xcellence in

  • Knowledge Management
  • Benchmarking practices
  • High degree of ethics
  • Confidentiality

Convergence of above at the core with unique execution &proprietory engagement model by deploying our experienced, trained Associate & Network Partners

The three stage process in our engagement deliverables consist of following stages:

  • Stage – 1 – Evaluate & Enquire
  • Stage -2 - Execute & Experience
  • Stage -3 - Enhance & Enrich

Our CFO services mandate rely heavily on Information Technology (IT) framework & our domain expertise

Stage - 1 Evaluate & Enquire

Enquire on Business framework

Evaluate with CFO level overview

Promoters background Transaction processing flow
Investors background Controls -P&L/B.Sheet items
Board members Automation Tools
BU, Support Heads IT Platforms – Ops & Fin
Legal entity/JV/Subs/LLP Outsourcing partners & process
Peers in public & private Key document on policy
Business apex body/blogs MIS at BU/Board level
Govt. regulatory approvals Cash flow & WC chain
Current business trends Tax & Compliance
Intra net – QMS - KM Finance team profile

Stage - 2 Execute & Experience

Execute Finance & Business integration

Experience Internal/External stakeholders

Identify objectives Review & track response
Prepare methodologies Feedback system
Streamlined processes Meetings & engagements
Apply Methods + Processes Encounter difficulties
Prepare templates Risk & Assessment
Set benchmarks Time lag
Create measurable Metrics Adaptability & Flexibility
Create documentation Collaboration & team work
Change around BPR Expectation

Stage - 3 Enhance & Enrich

Enhancement with continuous engagement

Enriching business finance as a value driver function

Financial matrix tracking Strategic outsourcing
Business & Internal controls Creating business value
Decision support system Robust Capex/Worex/Opex
Business intelligence support Rewarding people via ESOP
Risk mitigation practices Customers expectation
Finance role in business cycles Investors enrichment via ROI
Impacting Corporate governance Creating Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)framework

ixCFO Differentiator

  • Proving finance is key driver for business

  • Measuring deliverables – Cost vs Benefits

  • Services offerings – Modularity

  • Standardised approach in execution

  • No more back office function but backbone

  • Growth with controls – Value creator

  • Business & Finance – Understanding levers & integrating them well.